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How the BERZERKER was made. Scroll down for steering, click other links to see the other sections.

::: STEERING :::

I always do the steering last, cables can go a million different routes to make it where you need them. There are 12 pulleys on the steering system. It is a simple wind in / wind out system.

To get LESS twitchy steering, I have a small pipe to roll in and out on the steering wheel, but a large circumference (bike rim) on the actual fork.

As crude as this is, the green line is ONE side of the system. The pink indicates pulleys that guide the cable through the frame. I hope you can follow it!

The cable crosses over to the other side of the frame from #5 to #6 to make the steering act correctly. IE: turn the wheel right, the trike goes right, but the fork actually turns left. FUN WITH CABLE!

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