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First, a few good things to know and UNDERSTAND:

~ UPDATED May 9, 2012 ~ PLEASE READ! ~

These diagrams are for reference only. Although we LOVE folks downloading and using them... BURNING MAN (and most other festivals) will require YOUR OWN diagram (and photos) specific to your fire art.

All fittings, piping, valves and connectors must also be designed and rated for the pressures and fuel type used. The use of lead soldered fittings is prohibited in the fuel systems of any Flame Effect. The use of improper fittings can lead to leaks and failures in the fuel system resulting in fires and or injury.

If you are using unregulated propane (full tank pressure) schedule 80 piping and couplings are required. To simplify if you are using a regulator on your fuel supply to your LP gas flame effect and will be operating at a pressure below 150 PSI you can use steel pipe that is rated Schedule 40 after the regulator. Any pipe or fittings before the regulator must be Schedule #80 or rated for 250psi or above. If you are operating your effect without a regulator or you plan to operate your effect at a pressure over 125psi you will need to steep up to the thicker walled Schedule #80 pipe that is rated to 250psi or above.

Accumulators, pressure vessels must be rated for the operating pressures at which your Flame Effect is operating. Any welding or alteration tanks used as accumulators or pressure vessels must be fabricated by an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified welder, and must be re-stamped and certified as such. Catastrophic failure of accumulators or pressure vessels can result in leaks or explosions. In Flame Effects where the gas supply pressure is higher than the rated operating pressure of the accumulators or pressure vessels, a regulator must be properly installed on the supply side of the accumulator or pressure vessel. Also, an over-pressure device must be properly installed in the vapor space of the accumulator or pressure vessel. To simplify a propane tank used for an accumulator should not be welded or modified in any way as this will void and assumed integrity of the vessel. Modifications or fabrication of accumulators can be done if the work is done by a ASME certified welder and they can provide certification of its testing at a pressure 1 and 1/2 times the intended working pressure.

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